Petr Kovanda

Professional Recording,
Mix, Front of House Engineer, Producer, Educator


Welcome to my personal portfolio site.

"Most blokes only go to ten, I go to eleven."

"It's one louder, isn't it?"


"I can confirm that after working with Petr on numerous projects over the last 15 years, whether it be in Rome, Milan, Los Angeles, Brussels, New York, he is both an excellent recording engineer and producer, a true professional who works tirelessly, always remains calm and always gets it right."

- Nigel Harrison, Blondie bassist and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee

"I have enjoyed numerous recording sessions with Petr in different studios around Europe, including some live performance work in the USA. Petr is an extremely hard working, knowledgeable and thorough engineer. His recording sessions are always smoothly run and efficient. He is also extremely quick and resourceful if challenges arise."

- Clive Deamer, drummer (Portishead, Radiohead, Robert Plant, Jeff Beck) -

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