Album production is a complex set of actions that leads to the best possible result.

It does not matter for your album, as many artists mistakenly believe, whether a drummer plays like a metronome, the singer tunes more than your T.C. Electronic tuner, that you have the most expensive microphone in the world, that your song plays so loud that it will rip apart every speaker, but the atmosphere and the feeling that you will imprint into your songs. Music is not mathematics, although it is close to it.

A substantial part of the production is about understanding what the individual songs really need, if your song is incomplete, no device in the world will make a hit out of it. The music producer is not your enemy, he is not here to force something you do not want, but to direct you and bring out the best in you. The music producer is a mentor, for some time he will become another member of your band, your project.

A music producer is a person familiar with music and technology who has an idea of the final form of your composition before you and can direct you to this target.

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