The times of making records in a conventional recording studio under traditional circumstances are long gone. With a number of modern computer platforms, there is an endless variety of ways to create and record music.

The tools used to make the recordings with have become relatively affordable, and with more artists and bands relying on their own resources, it is easy to get carried away with what piece of equipment you need to buy to make your music sound great, instead of concentrating on composing great songs.

However, when capturing sound, the magic is not to buy equipment but to choose an experienced audio engineer who knows the right microphone, compressor, equalizer and knows when and how to use each of these parts of the recording chain in a suitable and creative way that suits your artistic intent.

That is what gives your music the right atmosphere.

Instead of overwhelming your creative process with all the technical details that are necessary when recording, work smartly and hire a true engineer who is aware that making a brilliant recording requires an unconventional and creative approach.

A professional who is familiar with all aspects of modern and "vintage" recording techniques, which will give your music a unique atmosphere and style.

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